Chromebook TestNav Setup

*All students MUST do this on their school issued chromebook prior to online testing (Olpa and MCA)

** Students who own their chromebooks must install testnav on it prior to testing.

*** Students who use a laptop will be assigned a school issued nontouch chromebook with testnav installed to use for testing.

Installing TestNav on Chromebooks (this will not work on pcs or other devices)

*This must be done under the owner account of the device (the first user entered, which should be your zm student account)

1. Open a new tab in Chrome, and enter chrome://extensions in the address bar. Press Enter.

2. Select the Developer Mode check box.

3. Click Add kiosk application. If you do not see Add kiosk application, you do not have the correct owner account information. Go back to step 1, and login under the device owner account.

4. Enter the TestNav ID by copying mdmkkicfmmkgmpkmkdikhlbggogpicma in the Add kiosk application box. (copy and paste using your finger on a touch screen or ctrl/c and ctrl/v)

5. Press Enter. TestNav appears in the tray under Apps for a user to open from the shelf.

6. Sign out of the Chromebook.

7. Verify that testnav is on your device by looking under the new Apps choice (taskbar, bottom left)

8. If you open testnav, you can only exit by restarting your chromebook

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