Cross Country

**Added 8/19

Thanks for a great first week of practice.  Both coaches saw many positives from all runners 7-12.  

A reminder that LifeTouch will be in Zumbrota on Wednesday, August 23, for team/individual photos.  

Please bring your uniform to practice.

A reminder that Luke Corey, a sports nutritionist, will meet with members of the CC teams in Mr. Smith's room on Wednesday, August 23 @ 8AM.  Please be on time.  This is a great opportunity to learn something that will give you the "edge" over your competition not just this fall, but in the winter and spring seasons as well.  


**Updated 8/20....Please see updated dates for September.

Meet Schedule, 2017

8/31/17 @ Stewartville, Bear Cave Park-4:00PM

9/7/17 @ Hayfield, Oaks Golf Course-4:15PM

9/14/17 @ Rochester Mayo, Eastwood Golf Course-4:00PM

9/21/17  @ Pine Island, Pine Island Golf Course-4:30PM

9/23/17 @ Milaca, Stones Throw Golf Course-10:00AM 

9/28/17 @ Zumbrota, Zumbrota Golf Club-4:00PM

10/5/17 @ Owatonna, Brooktree Golf Course-4:00PM

10/10/17 @ Goodhue, Goodhue High School-4:30PM

10/17/17 @ HVL Conference Meet, Dodge Center Country Club-4:00PM

10/26 @ Section 1A Meet, Northern Hills Golf Course in Rochester-TBD 


****Updated 8/7/17 @ 11:50AM-This is a change from the information originally put out regarding shuttle bus times between Zumbrota and Mazeppa during the first three weeks of practice.

Shuttle bus schedule between Zta. and Mazeppa for the weeks of 8/14-8/18 and 8/21-8/25

Pick-up in Mazeppa @ 7:30AM by the new gym entry

Return to Mazeppa from Zta. at 10:45AM

Shuttle bus schedule between Zta. and Mazeppa for the week of 8/28-9/1

Pick up in Mazeppa @ 3:00PM by the new gym entry

Return to Mazeppa from Zta. at 5:45PM





PAC Meeting, 6:00 PM

August 1, 2017

1.    Welcome


2.    Coaching Philosophy-Athlete First

  • If you tell me your hurt, I am going to believe you. 
  • If you come to practice limping, crying, etc.-chances are pretty good that I am going to send you home.  You aren’t going to get any better if you don’t feel well.
  • Try to come to me with these problems before the end of the school day rather than waiting until the start of practice.


3.  Take full advantage of the trainer-I need to get a copy of the slip.  These are saved in a file throughout the season.

4.  If you are hurt and need to see the doctor, you will not be allowed to participate until I get a medical clearance that has been signed by your doctor from you.

 5.     Definition of success-IMPROVEMENT

         i.      Your goal as an athlete should be to get a little better each night.

        ii.      Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

       iii.      I also think it is extremely important that you set personal goals.  Those goals might come a few weeks in, and that is alright.


4.    YOU ARE A STUDENT-ATHLETE, and a student first.

  • It is my expectation that you holding up your commitment to yourself and your teammates in the classroom.
  • I will periodically be doing grade checks-If I see things slipping you will hear from me.
  • This also goes for any discipline referrals.
  • Conduct in the halls and in the classroom needs to be “above the line” if you are a member of this program.  That is the expectation of both coaches. 


5.     I have a general expectation at both meets and practices that we support each other.  This includes having a positive attitude.  If I see things slipping, I will probably call you in and talk to you. 


6.    Practice begins August 14th @ 8AM.  We will meet in my classroom for about an hour that day just to go through some general rules.  I will post these on the ZM website as well for parents to see.

  • 8AM means ready to go at 8AM, not wondering in at 8:05
  • You will also need to have all of your paperwork taken care of and have your activity fee turned into the office by that time.
  • We will be done with practice between 9:45 and 10:00


7.    Beginning August 28, practice will change to 3:30.  Again, be here and ready to go at 3:30.  Practices will end between 5:30 and 5:45.


8.    I expect you to leave the building as soon as we are done with practice each night.  You also need to have your ride lined up when we return from the meets. 


9.    All meet information regarding race times will be posted on the ZM website.


10.    Be sure to have good running shoes-Flats

  • Terra Loco
  • The Running Room
  • If you are in high school or running jv/varsity, you should get a pair of running spikes as well.


11.    I will supply you with replacement spikes (5/8th”)


12.    Bright colored shirts for practice-Important

  • Compression shorts MUST be black.  No navy.

 13.    Adjust your practice apparel as the season drags on.  Pay attention to the weather. 

 14.    We do practice in the rain!!!  If there is lightning in the area, we will move things indoors.

 15.    Unexcused absences-2 is the limit. I also contact the parents when this gets to be an issue.

 16.    Please contact me if your runner is going to be absent from school on a given day. 

 17.    Absolutely NO EATING FOOD on the bus.  This comes from the bus company.   

 18.    I will link all results, junior high through varsity races, on the school website within 24 hours of each meet. 

 19.    Uniforms are your responsibility to take care of.  We can make minor adjustments on them here if the uniform is ill-fitting.  Please don’t you try to adjust the uniforms.

 20.    Sweats-We order gear right away.  I do have some older school issued ones that I can give you.


ZMKW Cross Country 2017


Pre-Season Practice Schedule

August 14-18                           8:00-10:00 AM 

August 21-25                           8:00-10:00 AM

August 28-September 1           3:30-5:30 PM

September 4                            No Practice (Labor Day)

September 5                            Practice After School

*Should the heat be unbearable, we will practice at 6AM in Zumbrota.  Bus leave time from Kenyon will be @ 5:25AM and Wanamingo @ 5:45AM.  Please check my cross country webpage at as this info will be posted at least 24 hours in advance.

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