Cross Country

Updated 9/19@ 8:30

Results from the meet at Pine Island have been added below.  Nice job to all of those who competed as many personal bests for the season were set.

A reminder to check the bus times for the Milaca Meet on Saturday.  Try to be there 5 minuetes before the scheduled leave time.

No junior high at Milaca. 

ZMKW Meet Schedule, 2019

8/26 @ Wabasha-Kellogg (The Bluffs Golf Course) 4:00PM


8/29 @ St. Olaf  (Northfield) 10:00AM


9/5 @ Hayfield (The Oaks Golf Course)


9/12 @ Rochester Mayo (Eastwood Golf Course)


9/19 @ Pine Island (Pine Island Golf Course)

9/21 @ Milaca (Stones Throw Golf Course)

12:15 Varsity Girls

1:00  Varsity Boys

2:00  JV Boys

2:15  JV Girls

**I am going to throw some different options out there for 9th and 10th graders this year-so things could change based on when our team bus gets there and when we get registered.

Bus leave times:     Mazeppa, 6:00AM             Zumbrota,  6:15             Wanamingo,  6:30        Kenyon,  6:45 

9/26 @ ZMKW (Zumbrota Golf Club)   

4:00 JV Boys

4:05 JV Girls

4:35  Varsity Girls

5:05  Varsity Boys

5:35  Junior High B/G (Roughly 2 miles)    

Bus leave times:              Kenyon, 3:00      Zumbrota, 3:35

10/3 @ Owatonna (Brook Tree Golf Course)

3:55 JV Girls

4:30 JV Boys

5:05  Varsity Girls

5:35  Varsity Boys

**Junior high boys and girls races will begin at the conclusion of the varsity boys race.

Bus leave times:  Zumbrota, 2:00                                     Kenyon, 2:30

10/8 @ Goodhue (Rozie's Park)

Bus leave times:  Kenyon, 3:00                                     Zumbrota, 3:30

10/15 @ HVL Conference Meet (Pine Island Golf Course)

Bus leave times:          Kenyon, 2:15                            Zumbrota, 2:45

10/24 @ Section 1A Meet in Rochester (Northern Hills Golf Course)

Bus leave times:  TBD 

Added 7/25/18

I found the following while reading an article on personality traits of successful athletes.  Below is a list of these traits.....

DRIVE: Desire to win or be successful; sets and maintains high goals for themselves in athletics; responds positively to competition. Desires to attain athletic excellence.

AGGRESSIVENESS: Believes one must be aggressive to win; will not allow others to push them around in competition.

DETERMINATION: Willingness to practice long and hard; often works out willingly by themselves; persevering, patient, and unrelenting in work habits. Works on skills until exhausted.

GUILT-PRONENESS: Accepts responsibility for own actions; accepts blame and criticism even when not deserved; willing to endure physical and mental discomfort.

LEADERSHIP: Enjoys the role of leader and may assume it spontaneously; attempts to influence or direct others in a postiive way.

SELF-CONFIDENCE: Have unfaltering confidence in themselves and their capacity to deal with things; handles unexpected situations well; speaks up appropriately for beliefs to coaches and players.

EMOTIONAL CONTROL: Tends to be emotionally stable and realistic about athletics; will rarely allow feelings to show and performance is not affected by them; not easily frustrated by bad breaks, calls or mistakes.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: Accepts strong criticism without feeling hurt; can bounce back quickly from adversity; does not need excessive encouragement from the coach.

COACHABILITY: Receptive to coaches’ advice; considers coaching important to becoming a good athlete; accepts the leadership and cooperates with authorities.

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS: Tends to be exacting in character, dominated by sense of duty; will not attempt to bend rules and regulations to suit own needs; places the good of the team above personal well being.

TRUST: Accepts people at face value, believes what the coaches and teammates say and does not look for ulterior motives behind their words or actions; tends to get along well with teammates.



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