Mobile Devices/Insurance Agreement

Zumbrota Mazeppa Schools 1:1 Mobile Device Program 2016-17

Zumbrota Mazeppa Schools recognizes and embraces the idea that a mobile computing device can be a important educational tool that can offer students access to a wealth of knowledge, learning management and instructional tools. We also appreciate that when these devices are placed in the hands of students for anywhere everywhere access learning they can become personalized learning tools that empower students to embrace their own learning. With that goal in mind, all students in grades 6-12 will be required to carry a personal computing device with them for most of the school day. All ZM students are also encouraged to have access to online instructional materials when at home either thru a school issued device (available to grades 6-12) or the student’s own device. ZM endeavors to assist all students and families to meet this educational need. Families enrolled in our free and reduced lunch program are eligible for device lease assistance.

Grade 6 Program:

After 3 years of embedded ipad use, Grade 6 has an established effective online curriculum which continues to grow and evolve. Starting in 2016-17 grade 6 will move from the ipad to chromebooks and every student will be issued a touchscreen device, charger and case. While some of the tools we use may change, we continue to very strongly encourage all 6th graders to take their devices home each day. In order to support and sustain this take home model, we do require families to participate in the ZM’s Mobile device lease/insurance program. Because grade 6 is our first grade in which students can participate and this grade has traditionally been very responsible with those devices, we will offer this lease/insurance to families for just $25 for the entire school year, free for families who are enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program. See below for more Insurance Program details.

Grades 7-12 Program: 

Grades 7-12 classes have used both windows devices and chromebooks in the past and have found both types of devices can be very effective tools for learning. We have adopted a digital instruction model that is largely device neutral in that most required tools are web-based and accessible thru the internet. With that in mind we have adopted a flexible model which gives students and parents 3 choices in how they want to meet those mobile device needs:

Option 1: Bring Your Own Device.

This is a good option for students who already have a good device that they know works well with what they do at school. It may also be a good choice for families looking to add more access at home who want the flexibility that comes with ownership and/or to provide a device for than just school or that may be used for a few years if it is taken care of. Acceptable devices include chromebooks, laptops, or macbooks. Device requirement are at least an 11” screen, a keyboard, all day battery life (charging will not be accessible in most classes), wireless (dual band, abgn support is encouraged), a good web browser(s), adobe reader installed, and a device that is in good working condition. Students who bring their own devices that have hardware or software problems, are really slow to use, or otherwise impede student learning will be required to use a ZM device until they can provide an effective and efficient device of their own. Sorry, but Ipads, android tablets, kindles, smartphones, and most non-windows small tablet based devices are not acceptable BYOD devices. If you are considering BYOD but are interested in more shopping advice plan on attending the Tech open House on August 1st at the HS.

Option 2: Participate in ZM’s Take Home Mobile Device Insurance Program.

Cost for this program is $50, $25 for free/reduced, to cover lease and device insurance. See below for more Insurance Program details.Students who choose this option will be issued one of our touchscreen chromebooks, a charger and laptop bag to use at school and take home for the entire school year. 

* ZM has a limited number of touch screen devices and they will be issued first come first served. Non-touch will be available for lease at the same price after touch screen devices run out. 

Option 3: Daily Device Checkout.

Students who choose this option will be assigned a ZM nontouch screen chromebook which they will must checkout each morning and return at the end of each day.

How do I Sign up?

To ensure we have the number of devices we need when school begins, ALL students in grades 6-12 must sign up online thru the school store at Whether you are taking home a device from ZM, bringing your own device, or choosing the daily checkout option, We need to know by August 5th! Those who are leasing devices and participating in the school insurance program will be requested to pay online by credit card (includes a small fee). There you will find options for free and reduced cost programs for those who qualify as well.

ZM Mobile Take Home Device Insurance Agreement 2016-17

Fees:    Grade 6 - Touch Screen Chromebook, charger and zippered case $25, or free for free/reduced families

            Grades 7-12 - Touch Screen Chromebook, charger and case $50, or $25 for free/reduced families.

 * No deductible will be assessed for the first covered claim, but a $25 deductible will be assessed for subsequent claims  

 ZM Mobile Device Insurance Protection Understanding: 

  • Students MUST secure and are responsible for their assigned device at all times.
  • Bring the device fully charged to school every day. Bring it to every class unless your instructor has told you otherwise.
  • At all times follow all school and classroom rules for acceptable use as outlined in ZM’s Acceptable Use of Technology Policy available from the office and on our school website -
  • Report any damage/loss of the device/case/charger to the school office immediately. Report any other tech   problems you may be experiencing to your instructor or the technology department.
  • ZM Schools is the sole authority and determiner of any and all fees for repairs and/or replacements of devices, cases, and any other related accessories issued to individual students. All device damage assessment, repairs and/or replacements will be handled by the district.
  • ZM may choose to not repair cosmetic or superficial damages to devices we deem as safe and functional. If you lose a key or peel the touchpad off you may have to live with it and could be assessed a fee if negligence is determined.
  • If a device is broken to the extent that it needs to be replaced, ZM may choose to replace it with a like device, but cannot guarantee it will be the same model. Example – If you break your touchscreen chromebook, you may get a non-touch model as a replacement.
  • Chargers and cases are NOT covered by this insurance, and you will be assessed full replacement costs if they are damaged or lost. Cases cost up to $25, and chargers $20.
  • Police reports must accompany any reports of stolen devices.
  • If damage/theft occurs and/or it is determined students are otherwise negligent in their care of the device, ZM reserves the right to require students to leave the device at school each day and check it in and out as needed, or even suspend usage of the device.
  • You must always transport the device in your school issued case.
  • The device will be labeled with a device identification number and your name. Each device also has an internal hard coded system id number to prevent theft. Do not remove or damage any device labels. Do not apply tape, stickers, markers, etc... or otherwise personalize the device or cases except school provided bags or cases should be labeled with removable tags identifying who the device is issued to making it easy to find your own device.
  • Students should use the devices for school purposes only, and follow specific classroom rules for when and how the device is used. As with any school device, students are not allowed to install software or do anything to interfere with the general operation of the device. Student devices may be collected at any time and without cause for inspection and maintenance tasks.
  • Students may be required to connect to the internet on the device outside of school. Students who do not have internet access may use the school Wi-Fi before and after school during open hours. Some local businesses and the public library also offer free Wi-Fi. Students who still cannot get access to complete required work should contact the instructor of the class about providing necessary files for offline use.
  • ZM schools does not provide filtered internet access outside of school. While offsite, it is the responsibility of the student and parent to ensure students are using the school provided devices in an appropriate manner. ZM still maintains the authority to restrict usage of those devices to educational purposes only, and reserves the right to verify students are complying with those rules.
  • Students who do not abide by these rules and expectations may be subject to discipline as outlined in the district Acceptable Use Policy, as well as restricted device use, and possible revocation of school issued devices.
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