KIDS Heart Challenge

ZM Families! In their Phy Ed classes with Mrs. Krause, ZM Primary students will be participating in the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge for the 5th year in a row! It focuses on whole-body wellness, helping students improve their own health and better their character while raising life-saving donations for the American Heart Association. We as a district believe in whole-body wellness, so we want to help kids facing heart-health issues. In the past 4 years, our K-2 kids have raised $34,531 to help protect and improve children's health, educate children and families and raise awareness in our communities about heart and whole-body wellness. 

This year’s goal is to raise $8,500 to help others and raise awareness about everyone’s most important muscle and to have 50% of our K-2 students registered online. Use the link below to sign your K-2 child up. Even if you aren’t able to donate/raise funds, you can still participate as a family using the resources on the website to find tips on healthy eating, exercising and managing stress! And your child will still get to participate in the Warrior Obstacle Course at school during their PE class Feb. 20/21.We hope you’ll join us in our 5th year of heart-healthy activity and community service/support!

To date, the K-2 kids have raised $5,972 for the American Heart Association and hit some incentive milestones: $1,500 for 3 teachers to wear funny hats and $3,500 for 3 teachers to wear funny costumes! Our goal is $8,500. 

ZM Kids Heart Challenge Website:

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