This link is to be used in case of a Weather Impacted Learning Day (W.I.L.D).  These activities will be listed as they happen so that they are specific to our units.  The directions will be on here along with the necessary link as needed.

Here it is kids (as I already told you yesterday) BUT I need a confirmation to mark attendance so read carefully.


English – Read for 30 minutes and write a 3 sentence summary of what you read.   OR

-          Do a writing prompt about a topic of your choosing.

Math – Spend 15 minutes on IXL.

Science – Measure the newly fallen snow.  Divide by 12 to find out about how many inches of rain it would have been.

Social Studies –  Draw a map of an alternative route to school.

Life Skills – Do a load of laundry or make a meal.  Take a picture.  

ALL assignments are due 1 week from the WILD day.  

Wild Day

Log into your moodle class on the elearning.zmschools.us website.  You will see a section called "Wild Day" and a link to the activity you will need to complete. There will also be a link called attendance with the date of the snow day.  Please click on this and answer yes to the first question and submit it saying yes to having logged into class.  If you have any problems getting logged in please email me.


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