Housing & Interior Design

Housing & Interior Design Power Standards

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Child Development 1

Child Development 1 Power Standards

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Independent Living

Independent Living Power Standards

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Advanced Culinary

Advanced Culinary Power Standards: 

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Mayo Clinic Open houses


Mayo Clinic Health Care Career Festival - Tuesday, October 9, 2018

7th Grade Life Science

Science is mankind’s effort to learn about our world through the processes of observation and experimentation. Along with learning basic science processes and skills, our class will be focusing on the following eight areas this year:  

  • Cell Structure
  • Genetics and Heredity
  • Adaption and how living things evolve 
  • Ecology
  • The organization of life
  • Anatomy
  • Infectious Disease
  • Matter and its properties


Algebra 1 – 9th grade is offered for those who took linear algebra as an 8th grader. Topics continuing from linear algebra will be covered including: Systems of equations, factoring, graphing and solving quadratic equations, and factoring and solving absolute value equations. Using algebra to solve geometric problems in the coordinate system such as: determining if lines are parallel or perpendicular, distance between coordinates, transformations, and area of polygons will also be covered.


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