Rhythms - Reading, Writing, & Counting

Basic Music Notation Symbols & Counting

Rhythm Tree: Another way to understand note values

Grand Staff Notes

Treble Clef

Spaces: FACE
Lines: EGBDF (Empty Garbage Before Dad Flips)

Computer-Aided-Drawing "CAD"

Students in CAD learn how to use the drawing programs AutoCAD 2D, AutoCAD Inventor, AuotCAD REVIT and Solidworks. Students begin by drawing in 2D, once they have experience successfully creating 2D Plate Drawings they will begin making working Orthographic Drawings. About halfway through our semester we begin Drawing in 3D. We create Isometric Drawings and 3D models using the Inventor Program and Solidworks. During our final month students explore Architectural Drawing and work with the AutoCAD REVIT program.


Students in Power learn the principles of a small engine, the parts of a small engine and how to overhaul a small engine. Once students know the terms and concepts of small engine operation, they disassemble and check parts tolerances and rebuild the engine to get it running again. 

Students are then given 3-5 weeks to put their skills to practice rebuilding a small engine from home.

We wrap up our time together by working with electricity and doing electronics experiments.

Daily Schedule

Mrs. Peterson's Schedule - MWF                                           Mrs. Peterson's Schedule - T/TH                                                     

7:30  -  Arrival                                                                            7:30 - Arrival                                                       

1st Hour - Lang. Arts 8                                                             1st Hour - Lang. Arts 8


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