Biology is designed for the 10th grade student to cover the Minnesota standards for life science in a vocabulary centered approach.  This class covers the Minnesota Life Science standards by focusing on retention of the main important facts and vocabulary. The topics range from organic compounds, cells, ecology, pathology, and animals to genetics and evolution.  It is designed for the student who would like repetition and a hands on approach to life science. 

K-6 Concert Schedule

1st  Grade Musical:  April 26th at 12:15pm and 7pm Zumbrota Auditorium

2nd Grade Musical: Thursday, November 16th at 2:20pm and 7pm Zumbrota Auditorium

3rd Grade Musical

4th Grade Musical

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology (formerly known as Advanced Biology) is designed for the 12th grade student interested in the human body, either out of curiosity or for a future career.   A student who will have a major in a variety of subjects from cosmetology, veterinarian, vet assistant to the nursing, doctor or sports trainer.  We start out reviewing biochemistry and cells then moving into the actual systems such as the muscular, skeletal,  nervous, and cardiovascular.

Primary Art

Primary Art is in Zumbrota in the afternoon, and this year I get to work with Kindergarten and Second grade! 

Wild Days Activities:

AP Microeconomics


Click on the link above to view the AP Microeconomics syllabus for the Spring, 2016.

Please check for objectives, notes, assignments, and the AP Calendar.


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