Breakfast & lunch available to all kids ages 18 and younger at no cost June 4-Aug. 17. Breakfast served 7:30-9:00 and lunch 11:00-12:30 daily. No registration required, just show up and eat! Mazeppa children bused to Zumbrota for lunch. Pickup at 11:00 on Third Ave NE by small gym. Returns at 12:00 pm. Remember to check the menu link (see article on summer meals below) for all the menu options!!

College Pre-Calculus

This course is recommended for the college-bound student or for any students desiring a higher- level mathematics background. The first semester involves the study of linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, polynomial functions, and transformations. The second semester involves the study of trigonometry and the identities, as well as matrices, sequences, probability and statistics.

American Literature

Welcome!  This class is a year long class offered for Juniors and Seniors. 

Probability and Statistics

This course is a semester long course open to students in grades 9-12 who have completed Algebra I. This course will cover all of the state required standards for probability and statistics. This class will have many activities and projects to allow students to apply knowledge learned in the class.

English 10

Welcome!  This is a year long class required for all 10th graders. 

3rd Period English

This language arts class encompasses short stories, novels and other texts.  Focus will be placed on comprehension and fluency,

Honors Geometry

Honors Geometry is open to 9th grade students who have successfully completed the Algebra course in 8th grade. An inductive approach to learning will be used to teach the basic structure of geometry, and the relationship between the elements of geometry. Abstract thinking and reasoning skills will also be reinforced throughout this course. Students must pass Semester I in order to continue with Semester II.


The following documents are the basic grading requirements for my classes - Language Arts 8 and Accelerated Language Arts 9.

U.S. History 7

Welcome to 7th Grade U.S. History.  Throughout the year we will be studying various events that have helped shaped our country today.  Emphasis will be on developing writing skills and analytical thinking skills as the students progress in their understanding of American History.


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