U.S. History 7

Welcome to 7th Grade U.S. History.  Throughout the year we will be studying various events that have helped shaped our country today.  Emphasis will be on developing writing skills and analytical thinking skills as the students progress in their understanding of American History.


Geometry is open to all students in grades 10-12 who have successfully completed Algebra. An inductive approach to learning will be used to teach the basic structure of geometry, and the relationship between the elements of geometry. Abstract thinking and reasoning skills will also be reinforced throughout this course. Students must pass Semester I in order to continue with Semester II.

Photo Gallery

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Mrs. Jacob's Schedule

Hour                 Times               Class

Arrival             7:30

1                      8:00-8:45           Study Hall

2                      8:49-9:39           Earth Science

3                      9:43-10:24               Prep

4                      10:32-11:17       Earth Science

Lunch              11:21-11:5 

5                      11:56-12:41        Physical Science

6                       12:46-1:31         Physical Science

Health 7

Health 7 is a quarter long Body Science class.  We will be studying the Integumentary, Skeletal, Muscular, Cardiovascular, Nervous and Respiratory body systems.

Parent Resources

Welcome Parents!

Please explore the various resources on this page as your musician progresses through the school year. Being a band parent is very rewarding, but, as I'm sure you know, can also be challenging at times (Mom/Dad, do I HAVE to practice?). From contact information for Welhaven Music in Rochester to useful music parent articles, my hope is that you will feel well-equipped to assist your child throughout each of their musical journeys this year. 


Weeks of 1/11/16 and 1/18/16

All grades are updated as of 1/19.

All missing work (zeros) is due by Friday, 1/22 @ 3:30.

Final exam for Hour 7 will be on Thursday, 1/21/16.

Final exam for Hour 4 will be on Friday, 1/22/16.


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