Whether you're bummed or pumped about no school on snow days, you can still have PE. On those WILD Days, you have three choices to choose from. Get active and get off the couch!

Option #1: Heads or Tails?

Find any coin that has two different sides. Flip the coin in the air and do the exercise for the side of the coin that you can see. Repeat these 5 rounds twice.

Round 1: Heads = 20 jumping jacks     Tails = jog in place for 30 seconds

Round 2: Heads = 20 mountain climbers     Tails = high knees for 30 seconds

Round 3: Heads = 10 push-ups     Tails = 5 burpees

Round 4: Heads = 15 full sit-ups     Tails = 30 mini-sit-ups (crunches)

Round 5: Heads = 10 squats (like you're sitting on a chair and then getting up again)     Tails = 30 second wall sit (like you're sitting on an invisible chair)

Option #2: Play in the snow!

If the weather allows you to, go out and build a snow fort or build an army of snow people! Maybe you could help shovel snow? Make sure you have your parent's/guardian's permission to do so. If the weather is just too cold or too dangerous, check out options 1 and 3.

Option #3: Cosmic Kids Yoga

Visit this YouTube channel called "Cosmic Kids Yoga," where you can find hundreds of videos to choose from to stretch, dance, relax and/or go on colorful adventures! Please choose about 25 minutes worth of videos to watch. Some are short and some are long!


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