This link is to be used in case of a Weather Impacted Learning Day (W.I.L.D).  These activities will be listed as they happen so that they are specific to our units.  The directions will be on here along with the necessary link as needed.

Here it is kids (as I already told you yesterday) BUT I need a confirmation to mark attendance so read carefully.

2nd/3rd hour: watch either video precollege video (the first one listed is better), email me back 5 animals classified from video, phylum and class. 

4th/5th hour: watch the taste and smell video; all of it if you want (a good refresher on smell) or start at 6:20 and watch on taste.  Email me back the answer to these questions (do NOT reply all):

  1. why is the "elementary" map of our tongue not really correct?
  2. what is a fungiform papillae?
  3. how many nerve endings are in a taste bud?
  4. what 3 nerves will taste travel on its way to the gustatory cortex?

6th/7th hour: go to the BIOLOGY tab on my website, do #1 and #2 on the Punnett square practice AND build a gorilla.  Email me back your answer to 1 & 2 AND what your gorilla had for those traits listed. 

8th hour: you are working on your worksheet for lab #4 but also email me this classification: cow.

my email is angieh@zmschools.us 

This was also sent to your school email :)


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