Brenda Debner

Elementary School


It is my privilege to teach students who qualify for special education services. I have a degree in Elementary Education, Specific Learning Disabilities, a  K-12 reading teacher license, a Masters in Literacy Education and a Autism Spectrum Disorder license. Even though I have twenty  years of teaching experience I am always learning something new, many times learning from the students I work with. I would like to think of my job as an academic coach. For some students I replace reading for other students I provide additional support during WIN time (What I Need). 

The dog in the picture is Izzy, our  reading therapy dog that comes with her handler each week to listen to students read. Students select a choice book to read while sitting on one of the bean bag chairs in my room.  The handler than places a blanket on the student's lab and Izzy settles in on their lap to hear the student read a great book.  At the end of the reading time the student than selects what trick Izzy will perform.  Izzy encourages the joy of reading.  Prior to students reading parent permission slips need to be signed. 
An important part of the educational team is parents. Communication is a key component for students' success. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 
The best times to contact me are 7:30-8:00 and after 3:10 
You may leave a message on my voice mail or a message by email. 
Elementary School phone: (507) 732-1420 Extension 1108 

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