College Biology

Course Objective: This course is designed with the non-biology major foremost in mind. The objective of the course is to allow the student to have a better understanding of the world in which s(he) lives through appreciation and respect for the intricate structure and function of living organisms and the environment in which they live.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Explain evolution via natural selection

Explain cell theory and the function of the cell’s major organelles

Explain the interrelationship between photosynthesis and respiration in sustaining life

Explain nutrient cycling (in particular carbon, water, and nitrogen) within ecosystems

Explain the principles of heredity

Course Structure: The lecture (3 credits) and laboratory (1 credit) sections of this course are separate topics and are graded separately. The laboratory schedule and grading criteria are discussed in a separate handout that you will receive in lab.

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