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Parent Questionnaire



Our first unit in Health is going to look at your Son/Daughters values and goals.  Part of the assignment is to look at how they think other people perceive them vs. how they would like to be perceived and I ask them to write a couple tribute statements - what they would like someone to say about them on their graduation day.  This questionnaire asks you to tell your son/daughter a bit about how you see them and your hopes and dreams for them.  It often helps them get started on their statements...and to see what great kiddos they are!  If you so choose - please feel free to fill it out (I've copied and pasted it here...and attached it as a document), print it off and you can send it to school in a sealed envelope.  You can also send it via email to me and I can print it off and give it to your child.  I can also send a paper copy home if you would rather have that!  IF we can have these back by Sept. 14th it would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you for all you do in making your student fantastic!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Katie Kennedy

Name ________________________________                Date _______________

Parent’s Questionnaire


  1.  My son’s/daughter’s greatest assets are:  _____________________________________


  1.   His/Her other strengths are:  _______________________________________________


  1.  One thing I would never change about my child is:  ______________________________


  1.  I would like to see my son or daughter:  _____________________________________


  1.  I feel pleased when my child:  _______________________________________________


  1.  I am disappointed when my child:  ___________________________________________


  1.  One thing I really enjoy about my son/daughter:  _______________________________


  1.  One thing I’d like to say to my child is:  _______________________________________



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