7th Grade

Wild Day #1

Please follow the link below for your first Wild Day assignment/activity. You will be completing 2 Op Art (Optical Illusion) Drawings. Op Art is a form of art that is used to trick the human eye; it is normally quite simple to create. You will need to grab two pieces of paper and sharpie or marker for this project. Please follow along with the first link to complete both the 1st and 2nd style of Op Art. You may find that you have to stop the video and catch up on your drawing, so that you may continue to move at the same pace as the artist in the video. She speeds up parts, so you can see the completed product.

If you would like to add color to your two Op Art drawings (not required), you will need to grab some colored pencils. Please follow along with the second link below, starting at 4:10 to add appropriate color. Adding color to Op Art is all about the element of art, value. We will talk more about value in class.



Please email me at khendraj@zmsch.k12.mn.us with any questions that you may have regarding this assignment. There will be points given for this assignment in addition to being your attendance for the day we were not in school. Have Fun!

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