8th Grade

Wild Day #1

Please follow the link below to practice drawing with one-point perspective.  One-point perspective is a technique that artist's use to show space/depth in a drawing. It includes using a vanishing point, that sits on a horizon line, in which everything in your drawing converges to. Please grab a sheet of paper, pencil and a straight edge (ruler works great) to draw along with the video. Once you have finished drawing with the video, please add at least 2 other objects in your room that shows perspective (example: you could draw a chair or table-- they have side and front surfaces; things such as vases don't often show perspective because they don't have distinct side and front surfaces to them being that they are round). You may then add value or color to the drawing if you would like.

Email me at khendraj@zmsch.k12.mn.us with any questions you may have regarding the assignment. There will be points given for this assignment in addition to being your attendance for the day we were not in school. Have Fun!


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