What's Art All About

Wild Day #1

Please grab a piece of paper and a pencil (some coloring utensils, if have) for this exercise. I would like you to define each element of art and draw a visual based on the description given below by each individual element. To get the correct visuals and information, you will need to do a bit of research. Please be thorough and include everything asked for in the description.

Elements of Art

Line: (Definition; Draw examples of different types of line used in art)

Shape: (Definition; Draw examples of different types of shapes.)

Value: (Definition; Draw a value scale of 9 boxes and shade from dark to light.)

Color: (Definition; Using different color utensils [or if you don't have any just write the difference], show the difference between primary and secondary colors; show an example of the color wheel with the intermediate colors included; show what a tint, tone and shade is and show/describe how value relates to color.)

Form: (Definition; Draw examples of different types of forms; Make sure to include in your definition how shapes are different from forms and show how in your visuals.)

Texture: (Definition; Draw examples of different forms of textures and label them.)

Space: (Definition; Draw an example of positive vs negative space and atmospheric perspective.)

Please email me at khendraj@zmsch.k12.mn.us with any questions that you may have regarding this assignment. There will be points given for this assignment in addition to being your attendance for the day we were not in school. Have Fun!

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