Breakfast & lunch available to all kids ages 18 and younger at no cost June 4-Aug. 17. Breakfast served 7:30-9:00 and lunch 11:00-12:30 daily. No registration required, just show up and eat! Mazeppa children bused to Zumbrota for lunch. Pickup at 11:00 on Third Ave NE by small gym. Returns at 12:00 pm. Remember to check the menu link (see article on summer meals below) for all the menu options!!

WILD Band Activities

Weather Impacted Learning Days - WILD!

Snow Day Minions

7th and 8th grade band students should choose one activity from the following list to complete on a WILD Day:

Do you have your instrument with you at home? Time to practice!

Record a short practice session - Based on what we are currently working on in band, choose at least 2 lesson book lines or a section of concert music to practice and send Ms. Miller a video recording on Schoology. Practice it first before you send your recording, so your playing is as accurate as possible

Instrument left at school? No problem!

For each of these options, you can use your own paper and turn in your notes when we return to school, or submit your assignment on Schoology.

  1. How It's Made - Check out Ms. Miller's How It's Made playlist on YouTube and select at least two videos to watch. For each video you watch, type or jot down three interesting things you learned about how that instrument is made, for a total of six statementsYour facts need to be written in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation.
  2. Instrument History Research - Choose any instrument in our band and do some digging into the history of that instrument--it can be the instrument you play, or another instrument of your choice. Write at least ONE PARAGRAPH of 4-5 sentences that answer the following questions about the instrument you chose:
  • When was the instrument first built?
  • What country is the instrument from?
  • Who invented the instrument?
  • How is the modern instrument you play different from its ancestor instruments?
  • Include any other interesting research you found about the instrument you chose.
  • Weirdest Instrument Research - There are all sorts of weird instruments out in the world today! Do some digging to see if you can discover the WEIRDEST instrument of all! Once you have found a weird instrument, gather three facts about that instrument. Your facts need to be written in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation. Also be sure to submit the link to a short video of the weird instrument so that we can watch it on Weird Instrument Wednesday! Start your search for the WEIRDEST instrument by searching for Indian instruments, Native American instruments, African instruments, Asian instruments, or whatever search you can think of! Your weird instrument should NOT be an instrument we've already seen in class.
  • All assignments need to be written using complete sentences with correct punctuation and capitalization for full credit!

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