There is a $35 fee to participate which needs to be paid prior to any of the students being allowed to practice. All of the dates prior to March 20 are invitationals. These typically get done between 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. Invitationals usually consist of three rounds and an awards ceremony. Parents, friends and family are always welcome to come and watch any of the students perform. There is no charge to come and watch. Concessions are typically sold at the events. We take vans to the events whenever possible to help control costs for the district. Depending on the size of the team I sometimes need judges. If any parents would like to learn some basics of judging let me know. At the sub-section and section competitions the judges are "certified" judges but I may need individuals to run stop watches for the events.

In the past, practices have been Tuesday and Thursday after school. I plan to keep that as the schedule. However, I can certainly adjust to the needs of the student. I am typically free any day after school if Tuesday and Thursday doesn't work. One of the nice things about speech is that the students can practice away from school also.

My contact information is:

[email protected]

Cell phone is 507-319-4765


Tom Ersland