Parent Schoology Access

Note: You may find ZM Schools schoology content is under various degrees of construction as our schools, teachers, classes, and gradebooks are being created online. Contact your child's classroom teacher if you have questions about what you see online.

Parent Signup Instructions for Schoology

Step 1: Get an access code for your son/daughter. These may be mailed, or you may get it by contacting the school office.

Step 2: Go to (DON'T USE THE STUDENT SCHOOLOGY LINK from ZM's website, as that is for students and teachers only)

Step 3: For first time users, Click sign up in the top right of that page.

Step 4: First time users should Choose Parent and Enter the access code. If you received more than one code, pick any one (you can add others later).

Step 5: Click continue to create your parent account. Fill in the form (name, email, password). Don't forget this information, as ZM cannot reset this account for you. does let you reset it via your email if you do forget. You are encouraged to Check Receive Period Schoology Updates (this will send a weekly summary of student progress to their email account)

Step 6: Click Register. From now on you can just choose sign in from

To Add a child to your Schoology Account

Step 1: Get the Access Code from the school office

Step 2: Sign into (see above for setting up that account)

Step 3: Find the drop down arrow in the upper right of that page near the ? and your account name (it could also show one of your existing children's account name)

Step 4: Choose + add Child and enter your new access code. You can now choose between your children's accounts from that same drop down arrow.