Choir News

Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School Band and Choir

On April 5th, Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School Music Department hosted and participated in the Section 1 Solo/Ensemble Music Contest.  ZM students competed very well in this contest.

The following students received a “superior” rating for their vocal solos: Rachel Krinke (soprano), Thea Peterson (soprano), Ambriel Johnson (soprano), Charlotte Haley (soprano), Zaynah Paider (soprano), Avery Prink (mezzo-soprano), Vanessa Minter (soprano), Maggie Nelson (alto), Alexandra Ebertowski (soprano), Raymond Li (tenor), Reagan Rasmussen(soprano), Lilah Richardson (alto), Elizabeth Grant (soprano), Riley Redepenning (alto), Gabbie Perrotti (soprano), and Kaylee Peterson (alto).

Vocal ensembles receiving “superior” ratings were Thea Peterson,  Riley Redepenning, and Brody Hovel (vocal trio), Alexandra Ebertowski and Rachel Krinke (vocal duet), Zaynah Paider, Charlotte Haley, Savannah Peens, and Hailey Dodd (vocal quartet), Thea Peterson, Riley Redepenning, Rachel Krinke, Zaynah Paider, Charlotte Haley, Elizabeth Grant, Reagan Rasmussen, Ambriel Johnson, Teagan Hagfors, Leila Lawson, Morgan Proctor, Grace Palenschat, and Hailey Dodd (Girls Group), and Katelynn Carpenter and Raymond Li (vocal duet) Kirt Rude, Brody Hovel, Noah Ebertowski, Alexander Schwingle, Kendale Guest, Raymond Li, Gage Sorby and Riley Bram (guys group).

Earning “excellent” ratings were these soloists: Grace Palenschat (alto), Ari Jackson (soprano), Josslyn Lohmann (soprano), Katelynn Albrecht (alto), Brinna Fruth (alto), Brody Hovel (bass) and Jimmy Suess (bass).

All ZM instrumentalists received Superior Ratings.  Instrumental Soloists included Riley Redepenning (Baritone Saxophone), Jimmy Suess (Tenor Saxophone), Tanner Jennebach (Euphonium), Bre Moran (Clarinet), and Evan Kutscheid (Percussion).  

Instrumental Ensemble members to receive a Superior Rating were Anders Hellyer (Trumpet), Evan Stimets (Trumpet), Eric Nicholson (Trumpet), Cain Lexvold (Keyboard Bass), and Evan Kutscheid (Trap Set).  

The Best in Site award is given out to the best performance in each room during the day.  This year the Best in Site Vocal Awards were given to: Raymond Li (Danza, Danza by Franceso Durante) and Reagan Rasmussen (Serenata Gitana by Miguel Sandoval). Congratulations to these students!

Instrumental Best in Site Awards went to Riley Redepenning (Variations on a Theme by Schumann), Evan Stimets (Multiple Percussion Etude No. 40), and Anders Hellyer, Evan Stimets, Eric Nicholson, Cain Lexvold, and Evan Kutscheid (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy).   

Zumbrota-Mazeppa is extremely proud of all the students who participated in this year’s competition.  

Also a thank you must go out to our awesome accompanists: Cindy Wilson, Anne Solberg and Susan Peterson.

Vocalists are taught by Susan Peterson and Instrumentalists are taught by Scott Cory.

Inst. Solo Ensemble

Left to Right: Evan Kutscheid, Bre Moran, Anders Hellyer, Evan Stimets, Eric Nicholson, Riley Redepenning, Tanner Jennebach, James Suess and Cain Lexvold.

2024 Choir

Back Row left to right: Rachel Krinke, Reagan Rasmussen, Maggie Nelson, Savannah Peens, Katelynn Carpenter, Brody Hovel, Riley Bram, Kirt Rude, Noah Ebertowski, Gage Sorby, Kendale Guest
2nd Row: Josslynn Lohmann, Zaynah Paider, Chalotte Haley, Lilah Richardson, Brinna Fruth, Ari Jackson, Kaylee Peterson, Hailey Dodd, Leila Lawson, Gabbie Perrotti, Raymond Li, Alexander Schwingle
Front Row: Ambriel Johnson, Thea Peterson, Elizabeth Grant, Avery Prink, Grace Palenschat, Alexandra Ebertowski, Zoi Novek, Riley Redepenning, Vanessa Minter